We are pleased to announce that on December 20, 2023 by the decision of the General Meeting of ACIPE Analytical Company QARAR , UAE was accepted as an Associated Member of the Association.

About Qarar: Qarar is a leading data science and advanced analytics company with a strong focus on data-driven decisioning solutions.  Qarars mission is to empower automation and digital enablement across financial institutions and FinTechs, revolutionising the way they operate and make critical business decisions, while reshaping the landscape of consumer and SME credit decisions.

At the heart of Qarar’s operations lies their commitment to decision analytics. We leverage cutting-edge consulting, advisory, and software technology to craft tailor-made solutions that underpin our clients’ digital transformation and journey.  

Qarar’s primary mission centres on the transformation of credit decisions, with an increasing focus on the SME markets.   Through the strategic integration of data proficiency and advanced analytics, we empower these businesses to attain unparalleled insights, optimise operations, and enhance their performance standards.

To further strengthen our position as a market leader, Qarar actively collaborates with strategic partners.  These partnerships enable us to leverage expertise in fintech, SME lending, and digital transformation.  With a key focus on Saudi Arabia, our partnerships allow us to harness local market knowledge and offer unparalleled value to our clients.

At Qarar, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals.  Our data-driven models predict credit risk, enhance portfolio management, integrate compliance measures, optimize collections, and identify cross-sell opportunities.  By focusing on strategy, pricing, credit risk management, embedded finance, and marketing, we guide our clients toward becoming fully data-driven organizations.

Qarar’s team comprises professionals with deep domain expertise and extensive knowledge in various areas, allowing us to offer comprehensive solutions that address our clients’ most pressing challenges.  By harnessing the power of advanced analytics, we help businesses unlock their full potential and drive sustainable growth.

We welcome our new member.